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Awesome Bag, Just a little too short.

Just received my ABAHUB Premium bag. It's really nice, well made, with very good padding. Unfortunately it's about 1 inch too short. Bummer. I really wanted this bag to work for me. If anyone knows of a bag thats just a bit longer, please let me know. Thanks.

Do not buy these boards

Brought one and it leaked from the seal after about ten uses. They sent me another one and it leaked the very first time. Took it back home and by morning it had completely ripped open. The tape they use is too thin for a paddle board. Brought their pump and it’s too too loud… can hear it 500 feet away. Very disappointed because the board is sturdy when not damaged.

Love it

Bought it off amazon looking forward to purchase another one for me. I first bought the blue one for myself and used it now i gave it to my husband and want to get the pink one lol this paddle board support us both ye weights 225lb and i weight 126lb. Glad it carry us both to enjoy now its my turn to have my own. :)

Very stable Abahub SUP

We got 2 of these after trying a different brand that wasn't as stable. These have been really good. We've used them several times both standing up and using the kayak seats. We've also had our standard poodles go with us and even with a 70 pound dog it was still stable. The only minor issue was the screws in the clamp on one of the paddles came loose. Fortunately didn't loose it. It does take a bit of effort to pump them up so we got an inflator. Not entirely necessary, but it makes it easier. Looking forward to using these on some future trips.

Seems high quality and Cost effective

Amazingly firm. Surprised being Cost effective Abahub inflatable

Works great!good leash

I bought 2 of these for our new SUP boards. They are inexpensive, easy to use and durable. They work great at keeping our boards nearby when we fall off ( which happens often ). They fit everyone in our family (ages 9-45). Did take a few days longer than advertised to arrive.

For SUP Leash

Bought for stand up paddle board. Works great when strapped to leg. Coils up nicely when not attached to leg. Doesn’t drag when using SUP and strap not attached.

Thanks,We will do our best in the future!-By Cui

Great Abahub SUP board with Cheap Price

When abahub SUP comes time to deflate the board, you just open the plug, push the release valve and it starts to deflate. There is an awful lot of pressure built up in the inflated board. When I pushed the release valve my face was a little too close to it and I got a big blast of toxic plastic smelling air in my face. When you push that valve be sure to get your face as far away from the valve as possible. It's quite unpleasant if your face is anywhere near the valve when it releases. When you release the valve it will let a lot of the air out. You can get more out by pushing down on the board and working your way up to the valve area. Once it is almost empty, you hook up the pump and pump the rest of the air out until it is completely flat. It can then be easily rolled up to put in the backpack. All the pieces including the pump, paddle, cord, fin will fit in the bag and make everything easier to carry back to the car or storage area.
Look for at least a couple more updates over the summer of 2021.

Sturdy, durable & very stable with lots of fun extras.

I am an experienced SUPer and we have 4 inflatable SUP boards (iSUP) in our family and two fiberglass boards. We live by the beach in So Cal and do a lot of traveling to lakes in CA, NV & AZ. We love iSUPs for their portability, lightness aand durability vs. our fiberglass boards. I prefer my iSUP vs. my fiberglass because it is more stable, lighter, more comfortable for long paddles and I don't have to worry about my kids (11 & 9yo) getting hurt on them or banging into boats or each other.
This board in particular is great. It is 10'6" long and 34" wide which is wider than general for iSUPs. It's a BIG board but it handles great - it has three fins which makes it easily steerable and able to make tight turns. It comes with a three piece carbon fiber handle which is better than my fancy Quick Blade one (well - I like it better anyways). The paddle pole is very light with a plastic paddle which I really like because I dont have to worry about using it to push of rocks and the shore like with my fiberglass one. Big bonus - It also has a kayak paddle head to convert it to a kayak paddle which my daughter loves. There is a nice supportive Kayak seat too which we clipped on and it works fine but we found it got in the way so we don't use it much. The deck on the board covers 80% and is a very cushy smooth mat with a light diamond pattern for traction. I really like that the mat is mostly smooth - doesn't give me weird impressions on my skin when I lay out on the board (not a big deal but I really appreciated this feature). There are two bungee sets which are large and able to secure a bunch of stuff - I generally have a small cooler, life vest, dry pack, fins and 32oz water bottle for day lake trips and it all stays put.
It takes up to 20psi but I only had it at 15.5psi and it was solid and steady and held air for 4 days. I have multiple electric SUP pumps & I highly suggest the investment. I hate manual pumps because by the time I'm done pumping the board my arms are worn out and my paddle isn't as enjoyable.
We recently took it up to the Mammoth Lakes area and did 7 lakes in 3 days. The boards were pumped to 15.5psi for 4 days and traveled/stored overnight on top of our roof rack. We stayed in Mammoth at 8400mi above sea level and went down to a few other lakes in the area at 4500mi above sea level. On day 4 there was no air loss in my board which is really impressive given the altitude changes. Deflating the board was easy and it rolled up neatly and fit into the really nice quality carry bag. The bag is a backpack style that fits the board and all the gear with room for my electric pump and three life vests in the main compartment. There is a large external compartment that holds four large towels. I have a lightweight collapsible hand-truck that I strap the bag to to make it easy to travel with. The bag with board & gear is 23lbs - giving 25lbs to work with if you plan to fly with the board - which we do.
If you are going to use your board a lot (more than 1x a month) it is totally worth it to invest in a electric SUP pump. This one I got on amazon & it is a self powered battery, car or house powered. It blows up 2 boards on one charge making it possible to go to remote lakes/shorelines and have a fun paddle with out the hard work of pumping the board.

Durable and easy to set-up and use

I have been having a lot of fun Kayaking in a nearby River with this 90.5 inches long Abahub paddle and I do like that it was pretty easy to set up with the 3 locking positions and it is ready to be used in a matter of minutes. I do like the thickness of the paddle, the reinforced fiberglass and the composite shaft as they have erosion resistant features. I do like that the paddle comes with a free leash and I find it quite useful in securing the paddle to our kayak.
I have used this paddle the last 2 weekends and it is quite practical and easy and comfortable to paddle away; though I only paddled about 300 meters so far at a time. I would definitely recommend it.

Very good quality!

This ankle leash seems like super high quality, I’m impressed. The color is exactly what I wanted it to be and I works very well.

Great paddle

My husband has a kayak and I like using his double sided paddle. Since I do stand up on my board I find these type of paddles easier to use and I get around faster. My husband is jealous because this is much lighter than his; it weighs only 33 ounces which is about 2 lbs. The shaft is a carbon fiber composite , and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades. I like to have use with a slight variation/twist so the paddles are even with each other.
The rubber on the shaft helps with gripping it. It is longer than my husband's which allows me to get around the width of the paddleboard easier. My husband says he likes the width much better than his.
I think it's a great paddle and looks cool!

Thanks,We will do our best in the future!-By Cui

Just add water! Cost effective SUP

This Abahub SUP board is amazing… easy to get standing in, super stable and tons of fun! The paddle is shaped such that it actually works (I’ve had them that don’t pull well). All of the D rings make almost anything possible. I bought this one specifically for the paddle holder on the side.
The only thing it needs is a big patch of water!!

Thanks a lot-By Michael

Light and sturdy

Paddles are light and sturdy. her advantage is the oars can float in the water.

Cost effective Fantastic Board!!!

I bought this Cost effective SUP for my adult daughter and she LOVES it. I bought it after taking a paddle boarding class and realizing how having a wider board can really help with stability on the water. I think I researched every board on Amazon but this one stood out. The quality is way beyond than what I expected. I also loved all the extra features that comes with this board that you would normally have to buy separately. Last weekend my daughter was surprised by wind while in a middle of a lake and she said she felt she had more stability and control than other boarders trying to get back to the shore. I highly recommend.

AMAZING SUP for the money and great customers service

I purchased two SUPs at once. this one and the freein from Amazon. The Freein is what you would expect for the price. However the Abahub has so many more extras and the working PSI is about 5 psi more. This means that you have stronger seams and material to hold the pressure in. This boar has the velcro straps to hold your paddle when carrying your sup or putting it in the waters. The seat is made much better and the rings are positioned in better places and in an orientations that will make them harder to rip out over time. Paddle is carbon fiber handle with plastic tips. Much better than the freein. The pump is the same basic pump that I have seen come with all sups, nothing special there. I have used this board several times and it works like a charm.
Now if you are into racing or wave ridding I can not speak to these points as I am using this on desert rivers and lakes.
the 34 wide board makes it much more stable than the 31 in freein but you can master either with a little practice.
The bag that comes with it is made better than the freein bag however it is a little small for the larger Abahub board. If it was just a few inches wider and taller it would be perfect. However once you get the sup folded up right it goes right in, you just have to get it perfect.
This boar has the bungees on the front and back with d rings. I use them both on every trip. My wife who elected to go with the freein is trying to figure out how to get bungees on the back of hers. How much this matters to others would depend on what type of activities you are doing with your sup.
I had some questions about the boards construction, I could not find anything on Amazon to contact seller. I figured it out and they answered me right away. with other boards I have seen the opposite is true.

I would recommend this to anyone, better construction, better customer service, better addons that come with the board, and attention to detail. No wonder these boards have gone up over 100 in price in the last month. I would assume they would go up even more as others find out just how good they are.

Thanks a lot-By Michael

Great Abahub SUP board!

I really like this board. Being a newbie, I found this board to be easier to stand on than a narrower board I tried first. Quality of construction seems to be really good. The backpack is also good and solid. I like that it can take up to 22PSI whereas other boards are maxed out a 15PSI (even more expensive boards). I have had it out a few times and really enjoy it.

Thanks a lot-By Michael

Excellent looking Leash

This is exactly what we wanted for our SUP. It didn't come with one, and these reviews were good so we went with this one. I'm glad we went with this one.

Right size for a leash

Love this paddle board leash. Got a color to match my board too! It is soft around the ankle- I really don't even notice I am wearing it. Love that it coils up. The velcro is sturdy and I love the pull tab on the ankle part so it is easier to take off. It secures very well to the board.

Thanks,We will do our best in the future!-By Cui

34 inches wide make it very stable, specially for older people getting into this new sport

The manufacturer should incloud one small bag to carry in the arm to hold the car keys, other manufacturer add it and it make it very convenience. Otherwise, this Puddle board is fantastic !!!

Leash Well made!

Very well made and seems to be like the more expensive models found in paddling stores. Comfortable ankle strap, swivel attachments and very well made.

Thanks a lot-By Michael

Much more solid than I expected,Cost effective

I honestly didn't expect much from an inflatable board. Maybe strong enough to hold you up with a bunch of flex. After using this a while though it is every bit as good as a regular version if only a little thicker. The fact that it all fits into a (pretty large) backpack is neat. You get a dual action pump to inflate with and as nice as the board is man does it take a lot of work to inflate. Enough that you find yourself wondering if both movements are pumping air. The good news is even before you reach the recommended psi the thing is as solid as a rock. Almost to the point that if you didn't know it was inflatable you might not notice. An important note at this point is something we didn't get right the first time. The inflation valve latches into either one-way or two-way. When inflating you need to have it in the one-way position so when you remove the pump it doesn't let air out. Forget this and well... there goes all your hard work. You also have a fin you can attach but I have to say we didn't notice it was missing when using it on Lake Michigan. The fact that it converts to kayak mode it handy but the straps take a fair amount of adjusting. I have doubts about the paddle being actual carbon fiber but it works well enough. When it comes down to it everything works well and is built very well. The board material is very thick so it should be able to take transport and even bumping a few things in use. Always good to have a product exceed your expectations.

Impressed With The Quality!!! Love This Board!

I bought three different paddleboards on Prime Day. This was the most expensive, but WOW, was it impressive when it arrived. First of all, the backpack that comes with it seems truly well-constructed, strong seams, sturdy fabric, lots of good straps, easy to load and includes a smaller front pocket. This is the heaviest and largest board I bought, so the strong backpack was a real plus! The board inflated easily in under 15 minutes using the double action pump -- far less time than the electric sup pump I bought. Board was sturdy, and the kayak seat was a pretty great bonus for my friend who wasn't sure about standing. She said it was super comfortable. Board was nice and wide and had the bungee cords on it to hold things, seat had a handy pouch to store things. Assembly was super easy. Deflating was simple, and the nice backpack made packing it back up a breeze.

My only complaint was that the pressure gauge on the pump didn't seem to work. We pumped until it was hard as a rock and we couldn't even push down anymore, but it only read 12 psi. I was afraid the thing was going to blow up if we kept trying. Not sure how to remedy this -- maybe a tire gauge?? It paddled great!

Great and durable material For Abahub Sets

A repair kit with two very large patches is included.

The SUP comes with a heavy duty storage bag/carry backpack. It easily fits absolutely everything in the main section, and there is also a second zippered compartment which will accommodate a lot of personal items. The backpack is large, bulky, and not especially comfortable to wear. However, the SUP and its accessories are such a large item, that no storage solution is going to be perfect. The included backpack is about as good as it can get.

If you are looking for a well-made, high-quality SUP package, you won't be disappointed with this one!

Thanks a lot-By Michael