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The Inflatable Paddle Board from does not come with a bag. The norma isup (Inflatable Sup) carrying bag is not large enough to fit either sizes of ABAHUB. We do carry a specialized Roller Travel Bag for these boards that can be purchased separately. This bag comes into two different sizes, designed specifically for the 12′ and 15′ Megalodons Sup. The Roller Travel Bag is large enough to fit the board and all its accessories to make transporting to and from the water a breeze.


The size of your board is determined by your height, weight, and skill level. Generally the longer and wider the board is, the more stability it will provide.

Please visit our 网址(关于size的网址) to see all size charts. Feel free to contact us for more answer!

When choosing a bag, make sure to select a bag your board will fit into without having to force it in. Your paddle board bag size should be slightly larger than your board.

We have our Paddle Board Day Bags that come in two different sizes. The 10’6″ size is perfect for the Versa, Cruiser, and Outpost and the 11′ size will fit the Glider. Our Touring Day Bag comes in an 11’6″ size and is designed specifically to fit our Voyager.

All of our inflatable paddle boards, with the exception of the Megalodon, come with an iSUP Travel Bag that will fit the board when deflated along with all its accessories. The inflatable boards are too thick to fit in the traditional board bags we sell. A great option if you are looking for protection for your inflatable board to use while inflated is the UV Sock. We do not carry these, however there are many out on the market that will provide heat and sun protection for your board.

You can find us on Instagram at @ with hashtag and on Facebook under Abahub Paddle Boards.

We were established and operate out of San Diego, CA. 

We do not offer a demo program, however all our boards come with a 60 day Ride It and Love It Guarantee. You are welcome to try out your board for 60 days, and if you wish to set up a return within this time, we are happy to do so by filling out the Return Form.

The Abahub Ambassador program consists of individuals who align with our brand and enjoy getting outside and on the water. Our ambassadors work with us to share their passion about stand up paddle boarding. We are always looking for more ambassadors, if this is something you may be interested in doing with us, please visit our Ambassador Page for more information and instructions on how to apply

We do have one Showroom and Retail Outlet located in San Diego, CA. For more details about our San Diego Showroom please visit our Retail Store and Outlet page.

All of IAbahub’s business is done direct–to–consumer. You can purchase directly through our website or through our Amazon Store. Outside of Amazon, we do not offer our product through any third-party retailers. Additionally, you can purchase in person at our Retail Outlet located in our home base of San Diego, CA.

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