Coussinets de traction pour planche de surf Abahub 3 pièces en EVA

Designer: AbaHub Official

  • Matériaux de qualité supérieure pour des performances élevées:EVA léger de qualité A avec un adhésif 3M authentique de l'étiquette verte, ce coussin de traction pour planche de surf est conçu pour les virages et les réductions.
  • Convient à tous:la conception du coussinet ARCH de traction de surf en 3 pièces peut s'adapter à toutes les planches de surf, planches à poisson, skimboards, funboards et longboards.
  • Ultra-léger:mousse EVA haute densité de qualité A, ne pèse que 3 oz, poids minimum ajouté à la planche pour des performances PRO
  • Coup de pied biseauté:le coup de pied raide de 25 mm d'épaisseur offre une meilleure conduite en surf, spécialement conçu pour que les laisses se déplacent en douceur sans affecter les performances
  • Superbe adhérence:la mousse EVA ultralégère à rainures diamantées est confortable pour se tenir debout tout en étant suffisamment solide pour fournir le soutien nécessaire à tous les mouvements de surf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
great abahub traction pad

I love this item. I used it on my surf skate so I won’t slide off while pumping and it works perfectly. I sprayed on some gorilla glue adhesive to give it extra strength & left it weighted to dry. It has not budged at all. Very easy to cut into the shape I needed to fit onto my board, yet the material is durable and hasn’t degraded at all.

Sticks well, good quality, but smaller than standard pads

I love everything about this, however, it's a couple inches shorter than standard size. Not too big of a deal on my shortboard, but on my step-up, it would be too shot. If they would make this in standard lengths, it would be a stellar product.

Surf traction pad is good

Inexpensive and easy to use

Thanks a lot-By Michael

Great stuff traction pad

Super sticky and tons of traction. I even put it on after already having wax on my board. I recommend washing over and over with hot, soapy water. Then cleaning with rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Then heat the board and stomp pad with a hair dryer to make it even more tacky.

Thanks a lot-By Michael

P. Diddy
Does the job, without the fancy priceyag,

So far so good cheap knock-offs are my joy, seeing the surf industry markets over blown campaigns crumble is so fascinating to watch. Cheap Chinese no nonsense tailpad keeps your foot on the tail without all the sales hype,winning. American needs to start manufacturing inhouse instead of using poor labor overseas.