Abahub Inflatable SUP-Stand Up Paddleboarding

Designer: AbaHub Official

  • A Great All-around Choice for Riders of All Levels and Sizes: Constructed with Dual Fusion Laminated high-density drop-stitch PVC core, this 10’6” iSUP is recommended to use under PSI 17-18 after inflation (min PSI: 15). Stiff like a solid SUP yet still lightweight, it offers better performance on the water, and provides a more stable feel. The soft elastic brushed EVA traction pad is thoughtfully made to have maximum comfort as well as the necessary traction for your feet and body.
  • A Stable & Safe Selection for Family: With the size of 10’6’’x34’’x6’’ and a weight capacity of 375 lbs., this extra-wide ABAHUB inflatable paddleboard provides extreme stability so you can balance better while paddling. The 3-layers sidewall sealing minimizes the chance of air leaking. It is the perfect board for a fun day with the family, touring, or longboard-style surfing on small waves.
  • Versatility is Priority: This iSUP is also a KAYAK. A comfortable neoprene kayak seat and a 4 pieces carbon shaft dual paddle are equipped. Just attach the seat to the D-rings, covert the SUP paddle to a double-sided kayak paddle, then you can enjoy your ride differently. If you’re a fan of paddleboard YOGA, simply secure your paddle to the rail paddle hooks, take off the center carry handle cover and start practicing.
  • Thoughtful Design for Convenient Use: The 14 D-rings design enables plentiful storage space with both head and tail bungees, side rail paddle hooks, kids grip handles, and the kayak seat. The large volume travel bag is designed with all YKK zippers, widened 4” should strap, and thick support cushion pads, durable and travel friendly.
  • Why Shop ABAHUB: This paddle board is built with top-level quality material, and is also equipped with excellent quality accessories such as a tough 1680 D back pack, thick neoprene kayak seat, carbon fiber shaft two-uses paddle, and strong TPU safety leash. And it’s offered at an affordable price. We’ve been making iSUPs for over 10 years, and we stand by the quality of our SUPs, so we are glad to offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

Customer Reviews

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Suleika Arocho
Love it

Bought it off amazon looking forward to purchase another one for me. I first bought the blue one for myself and used it now i gave it to my husband and want to get the pink one lol this paddle board support us both ye weights 225lb and i weight 126lb. Glad it carry us both to enjoy now its my turn to have my own. :)

Very stable Abahub SUP

We got 2 of these after trying a different brand that wasn't as stable. These have been really good. We've used them several times both standing up and using the kayak seats. We've also had our standard poodles go with us and even with a 70 pound dog it was still stable. The only minor issue was the screws in the clamp on one of the paddles came loose. Fortunately didn't loose it. It does take a bit of effort to pump them up so we got an inflator. Not entirely necessary, but it makes it easier. Looking forward to using these on some future trips.

Seems high quality and Cost effective

Amazingly firm. Surprised being Cost effective Abahub inflatable

Great Abahub SUP board with Cheap Price

When abahub SUP comes time to deflate the board, you just open the plug, push the release valve and it starts to deflate. There is an awful lot of pressure built up in the inflated board. When I pushed the release valve my face was a little too close to it and I got a big blast of toxic plastic smelling air in my face. When you push that valve be sure to get your face as far away from the valve as possible. It's quite unpleasant if your face is anywhere near the valve when it releases. When you release the valve it will let a lot of the air out. You can get more out by pushing down on the board and working your way up to the valve area. Once it is almost empty, you hook up the pump and pump the rest of the air out until it is completely flat. It can then be easily rolled up to put in the backpack. All the pieces including the pump, paddle, cord, fin will fit in the bag and make everything easier to carry back to the car or storage area.
Look for at least a couple more updates over the summer of 2021.

Anita as No Diva
Sturdy, durable & very stable with lots of fun extras.

I am an experienced SUPer and we have 4 inflatable SUP boards (iSUP) in our family and two fiberglass boards. We live by the beach in So Cal and do a lot of traveling to lakes in CA, NV & AZ. We love iSUPs for their portability, lightness aand durability vs. our fiberglass boards. I prefer my iSUP vs. my fiberglass because it is more stable, lighter, more comfortable for long paddles and I don't have to worry about my kids (11 & 9yo) getting hurt on them or banging into boats or each other.
This board in particular is great. It is 10'6" long and 34" wide which is wider than general for iSUPs. It's a BIG board but it handles great - it has three fins which makes it easily steerable and able to make tight turns. It comes with a three piece carbon fiber handle which is better than my fancy Quick Blade one (well - I like it better anyways). The paddle pole is very light with a plastic paddle which I really like because I dont have to worry about using it to push of rocks and the shore like with my fiberglass one. Big bonus - It also has a kayak paddle head to convert it to a kayak paddle which my daughter loves. There is a nice supportive Kayak seat too which we clipped on and it works fine but we found it got in the way so we don't use it much. The deck on the board covers 80% and is a very cushy smooth mat with a light diamond pattern for traction. I really like that the mat is mostly smooth - doesn't give me weird impressions on my skin when I lay out on the board (not a big deal but I really appreciated this feature). There are two bungee sets which are large and able to secure a bunch of stuff - I generally have a small cooler, life vest, dry pack, fins and 32oz water bottle for day lake trips and it all stays put.
It takes up to 20psi but I only had it at 15.5psi and it was solid and steady and held air for 4 days. I have multiple electric SUP pumps & I highly suggest the investment. I hate manual pumps because by the time I'm done pumping the board my arms are worn out and my paddle isn't as enjoyable.
We recently took it up to the Mammoth Lakes area and did 7 lakes in 3 days. The boards were pumped to 15.5psi for 4 days and traveled/stored overnight on top of our roof rack. We stayed in Mammoth at 8400mi above sea level and went down to a few other lakes in the area at 4500mi above sea level. On day 4 there was no air loss in my board which is really impressive given the altitude changes. Deflating the board was easy and it rolled up neatly and fit into the really nice quality carry bag. The bag is a backpack style that fits the board and all the gear with room for my electric pump and three life vests in the main compartment. There is a large external compartment that holds four large towels. I have a lightweight collapsible hand-truck that I strap the bag to to make it easy to travel with. The bag with board & gear is 23lbs - giving 25lbs to work with if you plan to fly with the board - which we do.
If you are going to use your board a lot (more than 1x a month) it is totally worth it to invest in a electric SUP pump. This one I got on amazon & it is a self powered battery, car or house powered. It blows up 2 boards on one charge making it possible to go to remote lakes/shorelines and have a fun paddle with out the hard work of pumping the board.