Abahub 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy Stand Up SUP Paddle Aluminum Shaft-Black

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  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS, AND CASUAL PADDLERS: At a reasonable price, yet built with durable plastic blade and high grade aluminum, assembled with water stoppers, this paddle sustains punishing environment, floats in salt water and fresh water.
  • FIBERGLASS+POLYPROPYLENE BLADE: With 40% fiberglass plus 60% PP construction, the UV-stable blade ensures a stiff and durable paddle at an affordable price. 102 square inches with concave grooves design, the blade also makes sure a power and stable stroke, by reducing flutter of the paddle.
  • RUBBER PAINTING SHAFT: Made of high grade aluminum tube with thickness of 1.3mm, the alloy shaft is also coated with rubber paint at the lower sections. It provides more comfort on the lower hand, especially for long distance paddling.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Can be assembled and adjusted easily from 68’’ to 84’’ (172cm to 213cm). With the longest piece at 34.5’’, weighted around 1kg (35 oz), it’s easy to store and carry around. It’s suitable for paddlers above 5 feet. Suggested paddle length is paddler’s height plus 6 or 8 inches.
  • ABAHUB Warranty: we’ve been manufacturing paddles for over 10 years. We know what we’re doing and we stand by our products. If you’re not happy with our products, we’ll offer you replacement or refund with “No Question Asked” warranty.


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Abahub SUP Paddle

1. Fiberglass PP composite blade, alloy shaft, durable and lightweight, floats in all waters.

2. 102 square inches concave grooves blade design, less flutter, more stability and power.

3. Directly from manufacturer, rigorous control on quality and cost, best deal in same product range.

4. Adjustable from 68’’to 84’’, ideal to share with families and friends of different heights.

5. Breaks down to 3 parts, easy to store and convenient for travelling.

Abahub Paddle

Abahub Paddle

Abahub Paddle

Abahub Paddle

Abahub Paddle

Abahub Paddle

Carbon Shaft Black Plastic Blade Stand Up Paddle Carbon Shaft Black Plastic Blade Stand Up Paddle Carbon Shaft Blue Plastic Blade Stand Up Paddle Carbon Shaft Plastic Carbon Print Blade Stand Up Paddle Full Carbon Stand Up Paddle Alloy Shaft Black Plastic Blade Stand Up Paddle
Weight 30.5 oz (+/-0.5) 30.5 oz (+/-0.5) 29.5 oz (+/-0.5) 30.5 oz (+/-0.5) 25.5 oz (+/-0.5) 35.5 oz (+/-0.5)
Shaft Material Carbon Fiber Composite Carbon Fiber Composite Carbon Fiber Composite Carbon Fiber Composite Carbon Fiber Composite Aluminum Alloy
Blade Material 40% Fiberglass 60% Polypropylene – UV stable 40% Fiberglass 60% Polypropylene – UV stable 40% Fiberglass 60% Polypropylene – UV stable 40% Fiberglass 60% Polypropylene – UV stable Carbon Fiber 40% Fiberglass 60% Polypropylene – UV stable
Blade Size 8.2″ x 18.5″ 7.8″ x 18.9″ 7.8″ x 18.9″ 7.8″ x 18.9″ 7.8″ x 17.7″ 8.2″ x 18.5″
Blade Area 102 sq. inches 91 sq. inches 91 sq. inches 91 sq. inches 98 sq. inches 102 sq. inches
Handle Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Carbon Fiber Polypropylene
Paddle Bag
Paddle Bag Size 35.8″ x 10.6″ 35.8″ x 10.6″ 35.8″ x 10.6″ 35.8″ x 10.6″ 35.8″ x 10.6″
Paddle Type 3 Piece Adjustable 3 Piece Adjustable 3 Piece Adjustable 3 Piece Adjustable 3 Piece Adjustable 3 Piece Adjustable
Adjustable Range 67″ – 86″ 67″ – 86″ 67″ – 86″ 67″ – 86″ 67″ – 86″ 68″ – 84″

87 reviews for Abahub 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy Stand Up SUP Paddle Aluminum Shaft-Black

  1. Ricky Lippincott

    The easy break down is the reason I bought this so it can fit in the same bag as my other gear

  2. Greg Curtiss

    Great feel. Quality make. Efficient function.

  3. Ryan

    Just received it and haven’t had a chance to use it yet but out of the box it feels VERY solid. Looking forward to trying it middle of this month

  4. Gretchen Gerfen

    Reasonably priced and a good addition to our new to us paddle board.

  5. Debra Brown

    Hoping it fits in my sup bag going out tomorrow to try it out

  6. Bridget Lucas

    Easy to assemble. Feels sturdy. Easy to adjust.

  7. David S Stauffer

    Anyone willing to stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty must make a superior product. Will be trying it out tonight.

  8. Melissa Misra

    It said adjustable but it doesnt have the ability to adjust on the go. That’s what I really need.

  9. Megan Beatty

    These paddles are really well made compared to the ones that came with out inflatable paddle board. Excited to use these this weekend!

  10. Justin Carrier

    I think it would be helpful to design the shaft in an oval shape so that the handle can’t rotate.

  11. Lori fracasse

    I just got the product so I can’t review it yet

  12. Tuan Do

    Look very sturdy, but very light. Looking forward to using this product every weekend.

  13. John Sadler

    Efficient design, love the coating on the handle and the ease of adjustment.

  14. Kris Kaull

    Quick order. Amazing quality for the price.

  15. Daniel Trotter

    Looks good and easily breaks down into 3 pieces: looking forward to using it for years to come.

  16. Tatiana Romanova

    Good paddle for the price, comfortable in hand and easy to use

  17. Kyley

    Great for beginners! I love how you can adjust the height

  18. Igal Titanski

    I purchased 2 of these paddles and love them. Huge improvement over the ones that came with my board.

  19. Steven Koran

    Great paddle for the price. The reviews were overly positive so it made my purchase easy.

  20. Khai Tran

    Nice paddle for the price. Able to vary height easily.

  21. Brittany Bird

    I like that the paddle breaks down into 3 pieces and it was very affordable.

  22. Heidi Kirk

    The paddle is awesome. It has a smooth and nice place to put your hands. It looks very well with the board but literally matches anything. I think it glides well with the water. You can tell it’s high quality just by when you have it in your hands. It’s easy to adjust and break down!

  23. Jessica Bellai

    Already purchased another paddle for my friend

  24. Alia Arafat

    It’s adjustable so it works for various heights of my friends who want to use it and it can be taken apart for transportation. It is designed very well with the perfect curvature and length to have a strong push through the water whenever I use it on my paddleboard AND its 20$ cheaper than all the similar ones sold at my local stores.

  25. Aundrea L Worthing

    Like the ability to change length of paddle for young short to adult heights

  26. Nathan Millheim

    Love this paddle. It looks really cool, and it feels great in my hands on the water.

  27. Rachael Bejin

    The paddle is nice and light. I particularly enjoy its capacity to adjust the height and divide into multiple pieces for transport.

  28. Brandon Pearce

    Feels great, works great in the water

  29. Carrie Kujawa

    The paddle is great quality – the thickness, shape, and durability are top notch.

  30. Chris Bird

    Great product. Sturdy and adjustable. great paddle for SUP. Will use for many years

  31. Windy Cook

    This is very nice, easy to assemble, and nice to hold.

  32. Nelson Smith

    Looks good but I have not used it yet

  33. Christina Hagleitner

    Great to use. The handle is comfortable

  34. Jaime Adams

    This is a well made product with good reviews. I’m using it as a replacement to my old paddle which was another brand and not well made

  35. Kristina Coons

    It has a comfortable grip, and although it hasn’t even been a week, seems like it’s quite durable. Good value for the price.

  36. Fran Fran

    Easy to use and works great in the ocean.

  37. Wendy Gallagher

    I bought two different paddles. One more expensive than the other!! Love them both!! You can’t go wrong!!

  38. Juliana Metcalf

    I was looking for a replacement paddle for my paddle board and decided to give this one a try. It works great.

  39. christa yeates

    I’m very excited to use my paddle. It is lightweight, in great shape, easy to take apart and transport

  40. Clif Anthony

    Good quality and reasonable price. my neighbor has bought products from your company and has been been very pleased with his purchases.

  41. Mike Antonio

    Great quality for less than half the price of similar products.

  42. Keyona Atkins

    Awesome product. No issues so far!

  43. Brooke Hague

    I enjoy this product because it is adjustable and can fit to anyone!

  44. David Vasquez

    Works great! Just as advertised. I would definitely recommend it

  45. Brandon Worthington

    Seems like a strong sturdy paddle

  46. Taylor Demarest

    Stylish and much better quality than plastic paddles.

  47. Adam Gifford

    This is a great paddle! Love the way it feels and how easy it is to adjust!

  48. Joe Abahub

    Not bad I guess a little heavy and the button is annoying

  49. Edin Omerdic

    I just got the pedal, I’ll follow up with an Amazon review in a couple of months. Thanks!

  50. Kyle Johnson

    I’m very pleased with the quality and price of the paddle.

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