How to Paddle Board?

                                             How to Paddle Board

Paddle boards are designed for paddlers standing on a floating board and using a paddle to maneuver through the water. Paddleboard is a fun water sport where paddlers can have an easy full-body workout and enjoy their time on the water. 

Paddleboarding works your upper body, core, and legs as it requires paddlers to balance on the SUP and paddle through the water. It only takes a few tries to be confident to stand up on a board. What makes paddle boarding even better is you can do a lot with a paddle board - those activities could be surfing, kayaking, yoga, fishing, or whatever you enjoy. One paddle trip brings you lots of fun and benefits for your body! 

Here are a few things to prepare before you head out to the water:

  1. Always choose the right paddle board that fits you. Check this out [ARTICLE] to learn more about which to choose. 
  2. Paddle length should be the paddler’s height plus 8 to 12 inches.
  3. Children must wear a personal floating device (always bringing a life jacket for each paddler is a good idea).
  4. Wearing a leash is highly recommended to keep you connected to the floating board even when you fall in the water.
  5. Carrying a sound signaling device is also a must. .

Some tricks you wish to have before giving out your first try:

  • How To Stand Up On The Board
  1. Position your knees in the middle of the SUP.
  2. Lay your paddle horizontally across the SUP.
  3. Bring your weight onto your hands.
  4. Bring one foot up at a time.
  5. Stand straight up and bend your knees slightly.
  6. Hold paddle grip with one hand and paddle shaft with the other hand.
  7. Raise the paddle above your head and adjust your elbows until they form a right angle (the blade should always face forward).
  • How To Paddle Straight
  1. Keep your arms extended in front of you and a bit away from the board.
  2. Always hold the paddle upright (not diagonally) and keep the blade close to the SUP.
  3. Paddle straight back toward the paddler.
  • Get Back On The Board
    1. Pick up the paddle and place it on top of the SUP.
    2. Grab the center handle with your legs floating behind the paddler.
    3. Drag your upper body onto the SUP.
    4. Kick your feet behind and pull yourself onto the board.
    • Turning Around
    1. Step one foot toward with knees slightly bent.
    2. Paddle reverse away from the SUP in a half-circle motion starting at the tip of the SUP.
    3. Paddle forward away from the SUP in a half-circle motion from the tail on the other side.
    4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you get to the desired direction.